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Glen Davis

Glen Davis

Partner & Board Member

Glen Davis, a leader in the energy industry for over 35 years, is CEO of Sunfolding, Inc. and President of Agile Energy Advisors, LLC. Glen sits on the board of Lightshift, and provides strategic support on company and project development, financing, and other matters.

From 2014 through early 2017 he served as President and CEO of Renewable Energy Systems (RES) Americas, a leading energy storage and renewable energy developer and constructor with an energy portfolio of 8,000MW. Prior to joining RES, Glen was co-founder and CEO of Agile Energy, a developer of utility-scale solar generation projects in North America. During 2007 and 2008, Glen served as EVP and Chief Commercial Officer for Ausra, Inc.

Glen spent the first 18 years of his energy career with the AES Corporation, helping build it into one of the leading global independent power producers. At AES, he led the development, financing, acquisition, and sale of power generating projects on four continents. Glen holds an MBA from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a Sc.B. in mechanical engineering from Brown University.

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