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A win for you and your community

Lightshift™️ works collaboratively with landowners whose sites are suitable for battery energy storage projects. 

Viable project sites can enter into a 20 to 30 year lease, offering long-term revenue with minimal impact to the land. At lease end, Lightshift will return the land to its original state. 


By lending your land, you’ll not only benefit financially but also help your community access more reliable and affordable energy. 

Lightshift battery storage containers

Frequently Asked Questions

  • A battery storage project combines familiar battery technologies, like those found in mobile electronics and electric vehicles, at scale to deliver cost-saving and reliability-enhancing services to customers. Batteries help to modernize the grid by providing energy on demand with projects designed to charge when electricity is cheap and discharge when it’s needed most. Not only do storage projects add economic value to the communities they serve, but they also support a future with more renewable energy by helping to manage unpredictable wind and solar supply.

  • A lease agreement with Lightshift Energy offers landowners long-term revenue from 20 to 30 years with relatively little impact on their land. Projects can provide tax revenues to the community while also reducing local electricity costs. At the end of the lease, Lightshift Energy pledges to return the associated land to its original state, ensuring continued land value for you and your family.

  • Due to the nature of development, each battery storage project may have a different timeline to ensure Lightshift exceeds local, state and federal standards. If you have questions about the timeline of a project near you, please reach out to the Lightshift Energy team for more information.

  • Each battery storage project bundles low-impact battery technologies and integrates them into the surrounding landscape utilizing responsible development practices. The visual aesthetics of our projects are carefully managed, and the project itself will have limited if any, visibility from its land boundaries. For each project site, Lightshift prioritizes existing vegetation to create a visually appealing vegetative buffer around the perimeter. In the instance the surrounding landscape does not offer vegetation, we commit to providing a buffer that fits the input of the community. Projects have a compact footprint, typically spanning less than one (1) acre of land. 

  • Battery storage facilitates larger amounts of renewable wind and solar power at a time when states and the federal government are adopting more aggressive clean energy targets. Projects are minimally invasive and occupy a small land footprint and have little to no environmental impact (no water use, no carbon emissions).

  • A large body of codes and standards exist that support safe design, operations, and decommissioning of grid-connected energy storage systems, along with common protocols for hazard reduction, mitigation and response.  Proper preparation, design, and prevention are considered at the early stages of project planning and coordination with national, state and local agencies ensure the safety of our battery storage projects. 

  • We appreciate your interest in becoming a Lightshift landowner. Please reach out to us directly with the parcel address and any other basic information to see whether your land would be eligible for a battery storage project. We look forward to hearing from you!

Lightshift energy storage system being installed
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