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Akshar Dave

Akshar Dave

Head of Data Engineering

Akshar Dave, Head of Data Engineering, is an expert in big data processing, analytics, and building insightful data products. At Lightshift Energy, Akshar leads the data engineering team to harness massive datasets and uncover key metrics to optimize the business. Akshar brings over 20 years of experience designing and building data platforms.

Before joining Lightshift Energy, Akshar served as an engineering leader at Demandbase where he simplified integrations to make customer data more accessible. He also held senior data engineering roles at HP and Saba, optimizing data access and building analytics products. Outside of work, Akshar spends time with family as a proud father. He holds a Masters degree in Computer Science from UIUC and is based in the Virginia area. Akshar is passionate about using data to drive impact and thrilled to lead Lightshift Energy into a data-driven future.

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