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Energy Storage Applications Analyst

Washington DC Metro Area

About Lightshift Energy:

Founded at the beginning of 2019, Lightshift Energy (formerly Delorean Power) focuses on the development, design, financing, construction, ownership and operations of utility-scale energy storage projects in the US.  Large-scale batteries allow our customers to save costs, operate the grid more reliably, and balance variations in wind and solar production.  Located in Arlington, VA, Lightshift Energy works with utilities and large electric consumers on sophisticated, value-maximizing approaches to energy storage and clean energy integration.  Lightshift Energy’s leadership combines decades of clean energy expertise with a commitment to accelerating the shift to a sustainable energy future through storage.

Description of Role:

The Energy Storage Applications Analyst will be an integral member of Lightshift Energy’s team, performing macro analysis to identify target markets and emerging prospects for various energy storage applications, and work with our development team to evaluate use cases, construct projects models, and assist with site selection and design for specific opportunities. Key responsibilities for the role include:


  • Reviewing tariffs and monitoring market developments;

  • Identifying and collecting electricity market data;

  • Developing databases for storage application analysis;

  • Analyzing market data to identify opportunities;

  • Working with the executive team on innovative approaches to storage development;

  • Tailoring project models to use cases in different markets;

  • Evaluating the capacity, location and operations for specific opportunities;

  • Providing technical assistance to the development team on projects design and operations.


The analyst may also be requested to assist with general administrative and management support functions to improve operations at Lightshift Energy. The ideal candidates for this position will have a strong quantitative mind and/or engineering experience.



  • A degree in electrical engineering, math, statistics, data science or related field from an accredited university;

  • Experience with data management, analytics and coding (SQL, R, Python);

  • Knowledge and experience in the US energy industry;

  • General understanding of energy storage services and applications.


Lightshift Energy’s Arlington, VA headquarters.


Compensation and Benefits:

  • Base salary commensurate with experience;

  • Generous cash bonuses and additional upside/incentives for successful project execution;

  • Competitive benefits package including 401k, health, dental, paid vacation, etc.

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