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Some Thorns in May's Bed of Roses

My last article "The Grand Planetary Alignment/World Illumination Day" portrayed the magnificent potential of this once-in-a-lifetime celestial event for opening the heart of humanity to the rebirth of the healing energy of the eternal feminine. One central point is how the spectrum of these influences depends entirely on our level of evolutionary development. For the Taurean spectrum is vast and wide, spanning from hard core materialism to fully devoted spirituality. In this piece we'll examine some of the more challenging aspects taking place around the Grand Planetary Alignment and the range of some of their mundane influences.

The world at large, so engaged in its indiscriminate scramble for wealth and power, environmental denial, and politics is unfortunately, more susceptible to the lower evolutionary components. Conversely, our own internal realities may lead us on a thoroughly different path from the course of society and civilization at large. What we truly value is a central theme of this powerful shift.

All seven planets lining up in the Taurus stellium during the Grand Alignment cycle are the inner, personal, or "conscious" planets. In contrast, the outer planets -- Uranus through Pluto -- rule the unconscious mind and the forces of the collective consciousness. These outer planets all form "hard" or challenging aspects to the inner personal planets, potently spicing up the flavor of this cycle and its potentials.

Uranus and Neptune are moving slowly through Aquarius, the sign of the age we have just entered. During the cycle of the alignment, both of these outer planets will square the personal planets in Taurus. Furthermore, Pluto and Chiron are slowly moving through the purifying fire of Sagittarius, also forming a hard "quincunx" aspect to the Taurean planets. So let's examine what this means.

Uranus, the awakener rules sudden changes, revolution, invention, the unexpected, Earth changes, and change itself. During the alignment cycle of April 28 to May 28th, all the Taurean planets square Uranus. During the peak of the alignment they will square giants Jupiter and Saturn which will be precisely aligned. Neptune will square the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus early in the cycle.

Two areas where the global challenges of these hard aspects should manifest will be in the financial markets and in issues of world peace. Indeed World War II began in 1941, during the last conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter in Taurus. Uranus squaring Mars is an erratic aspect of impulsive actions, rash decisions, blow-ups, accidents, rebellion, and challenges to authority. The Uranus square to Saturn marks a time of revision, even a revolution to the form of old structures. The free and explosive electrical Uranian energy wishes to overthrow the old and stodgy Saturnian way. Uranus square Jupiter awakens the archetype of the gambler in a climate of exuberance, optimism, and risk-taking. And with expansive Jupiter conjoining contractive Saturn, these contrary forces will be sorting themselves out while squaring off the revolutionary Promethean energy of Uranus the awakener.

The Neptune squares to the personal planets may create a surreal and empathic roller coaster consciousness modulating between mood swings, confusion, vision, and idealism. At times, life may seem like a Fellini movie on drugs. Fortunately, this occurs in the fixed signs, providing a little stability to the intense mix. Exercise, meditation, discernment, grounding, centering, and living our lives in balance are particularly important now.

These hard aspects reinforce the visionary activism of gathering and unifying during the World Illumination Days on May 3-5, 2000 focusing our intent on celebration, healing, love and peace, and visualizing what you wish to manifest in your life.

The quincunx aspect is a modifier -- an aspect of adjustment. In the collective unconscious, Pluto the transformer, and Chiron the wounded healer will be summoning shifts and changes to adjust and improve the course of our lives, our communities, and our civilization.

These hard aspects to the 7-planet Taurus stellium mix a potent alchemical brew for breakthrough. And with the 11-year solar cycle peaking, with its barrage of coronal mass ejections, prominences, holes, sunspots and other activity, the internal intensity meter will be pinned to the max.

So there are some major storm clouds looming in the astrological weather forecast. What predictions can be made in the world based on these aspects? I would expect to see even more volatility in financial markets around the world. The optimism of Jupiter and the fear of Saturn will pit bull against bear while both square unpredictable Uranus. Will things melt up or melt down during this volatile time? Taurus rules the domain of money, so this period could provide some vigorous lessons around money matters. International tensions and eruptions are also a profound possibility. With our global interdependence on foreign oil during its meteoric price rise, tensions may simmer in this arena with far reaching fallout. America's relations with the oil producing countries will likely be tested. Uranus rules technology, and the shift from "old economy" to "new economy" is warping in acceleration, dropping stages out of orbit which can't handle the juice. And yes, Earth change probabilities are running higher, particularly between May 10 thru May 17th.

Yet the core of this period is the big lineup of all the personal planets in the soft Venus-ruled feminine Earth sign of Taurus. We will need to put our faith in the power of love in our lives that all will be well. In our personal lives, we must dig deep, shine bright, and live our mastery and all the goodness inherent in Spirit. The pole shift of this time is centered around healing issues of love and money.

These hard aspects increase the voltage of the already potent Grand Alignment Planetary. This is why the preceding period has been one of purification on all levels of our lives. The countdown to ignition is here. Align with Holy Spirit and those you love, and get ready for a most powerful shift in human history.

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