World Illumination Days
May 3 - 5, 2000

Throughout Wednesday, May 3, 2000 the Moon will conjoin all of the visible planets in Taurus. Then, on the night of May 3rd in the US (9:11 PDT), or early on the morning of May 4 in Europe (4:11 GMT), the New Moon conjoins the Sun at the center of the cluster. The New Moon is the primary alignment representing the conjunction of masculine and feminine energies. This is the key flashpoint of the alignment, and we suggest a meditation or celebration from 1/2 hour before to one half hour after New Moon (8:41-9:41 pm PDT).

At this point Mars moves into Gemini. On the morning of May 5 (8:08 GMT) the closest astronomical cluster forms when the Moon conjoins Mars in Gemini. From that point on the Moon quickly departs from the stellium, while the rest of the multiple conjunction remains almost as tight or tighter throughout the month of May. On May 17, Venus conjoins Jupiter, and on May 28, Jupiter conjoins Saturn.

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