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May 3rd to 5th explained -- May 3 Global Meditation 8:41 - 9:41 PDT

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The Grand Alignment - World Illumination Days • May 3 - 28, 2000

Special Grand Alignment Meditation May 3rd - May 28th

NASA wavelength on the Alignment

Some Thorns in May's Bed of Roses

The Rites of Passage

The Window into the Third Millennium

The Grand Planetary Alignment (1981 - Omni)

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or to list your Grand Alignment Event email: dolfunman@aol.com

Books about the Grand Alignment
by Ken Kalb

LightShift 2000

LightShift 2000
     Ken Kalb

Ken Kalb
     The Grand Catharsis

The Grand Catharsis

Darkness into Light

The Metamorphosis of Values
During the Grand Alignment

Grand Alignment Links:

(the following links are provided for your further exposure to information around the Grand Alignment.
The information is not necessarily endorsed by Ken Kalb or LightShift 2000)

Wild Rose May 5 Grand Alignment Event -- (Ken Kalb presenting)

You can hear Ken Kalb on Jeff Rense's "Sightings on the Radio," May 19th at 9 PM.

The Peace on Earth Dance

Orbits - Solar Activity Reports

Solar Activity and Anomalies

Volcanoes- Global Vulcanism Activity Site

Various Alignment Vignettes

World Earth Healing Day

Prophecy Pages

The Great Shift -- Honolulu Church of Light

Global Meditations May 2000

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