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We humbly invite all people of goodwill to join in the 3 simple activities of the LightShift Global Meditation Initiative. After the tragedy of September 11th and the events in the aftermath—it is critical that we redouble our efforts and join together for peace on Earth.

• First, everyday at Noon (your local time), please join 20 million people in affirming "May Peace Prevail on Earth." The World Peace Prayer society has installed over a hundred thousand "peace poles" in more than 160 countries with these words—where people gather everyday to make this affirmation. Wherever you are, even if you're in the dentist chair, please pause for a moment and transmit this thought wave. Your thoughts have wings.

• Second, on the First Day of December at Noon, and on the first day of every month thereafter, please meditate for 15-30 minutes from the radiance of your pure inner light (joining hundreds of thousands!). We call this the monthly "LightShift." This continuously builds and sustains a resonant wave of light through several quantum one-hour meditations—the next being January 1st of 2002 at Noon (your local time).

• Third, on January 1, 2002 at Noon in your time zone, please meditate on your pure inner light for one full hour (if possible). This forms a resonant 29-hour wave traversing through all the time zones around the planet! Together we will ignite the inner light of the world by fertilizing the unified field of consciousness with our radiance, peace, and love to begin the archetypal cycle of the New Year! If you feel like praying, drumming, dancing, singing, chanting, or whatever way you connect your heart and God and raise your consciousness, just let your Spirit soar in passionate and positive intent for Peace on Earth and Goodwill for all of humankind.

Please network this information to everyone you know and love. You are as much the LightShift as we are.

January 1, 2000 and 2001

By January 1, 2000, virtually every spiritual spokesperson on the planet—from Deepak Chopra and Marianne Williamson to the Dalai Lama and the Pope—joined in supporting these "prayer waves." It has been estimated that between 20 and 50 million people around the world participated in the 29-hour wave which empowered the awesome jubillence commencing the millennial year. Many subtle miracles resulted : No terrorism, no breakdowns, few Y2K incidents, an end to a millennium of end-time thinking. The smoothness of transition into the Millennial Year and the positive shift of attitude was the true miracle of LightShift 2000! For 2002, it is more important than ever in history to bring our collective energies together once again for Peace. We invite everyone to unite in a critical mass of radiant human cells transmitting our inner light to all of humankind. This is a true moment of grand ignition. We humbly encourage and welcome you and all groups of goodwill with a similar vision to lay aside any differences and join together as One for this simple effort. For together, we are the hope of the future.

We are participating in a positive act of planetary alchemy by activating the hologram of love at cyclical intervals. This homeopathic dose of inner light builds the core from which the entire consciousness of humanity is lifted. This planet is becoming whole and holy simply through the Goodwill each of us is willing to offer. You who read these words now are hereby empowered as a spiritual revolutionary and an agent of positive change called the LightShift. We all wish to see our children's sparkling eyes smiling at the Sun.

The Power of Meditation, Prayer, and Focused Intent

Meditation has been proven to be of great benefit for both us as individuals and for the quality of the collective consciousness. Hundreds of city, state, and national studies have been published in scientific journals concluding that when 1/10th to 1% of the population is meditating, the quality of life improves for everyone—with crime, violence, war, illness, and all the other byproducts of accumulated social stress decreasing. The Princeton University Global Consciousness Project has also scientifically validated this phenomenon with their measurements of several large events of focused consciousness. The positive influence of mass meditation is proven and profound, and the simplest and singular most powerful activity we can do to positively impact the present, and the future.

As a famous Indian sage once said, "if just one tenth of one percent of humanity are focused together in transcendental consciousness, it creates the pilot light to ignite the divinity in all humanity." This is precisely the intention of LightShift 2000.

As the labyrinth of the LightShift logo depicts, we are all connected on the "innernet."  Within this unity of Heart and Spirit focused on our pure inner light and love, we create massive waves of peace, love and compassion—touching the heart of all humanity and empowering peace on Earth. Your participation is essential to all of our success in this endeavor. God bless you.

Common be your prayer;
Common be your goal;
Common be your purpose;
Common be your deliberation
Common be your wishes,
Your Hearts in Concord,
Your intentions in concord,
Perfect be the union among you.
-Rig Veda

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