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The 1/1/1 OM (Official Millennium) Critical Mass Global Meditation

By Ken Kalb

The Big One is Here

At Midnight on December 31, 2000, all calendrical cycles of day, month, year, decade, century, and millennium will shift in a hopeful heartbeat. Indeed, we experienced a similar surge last year when 999 years of placing a 1 before a series of numbers became a 2, and the roaring 2000’s commenced. The massive convergence of millions of people in the 29-hour prayer wave on the inner planes, empowering millions of people in jubilant celebration on the outer -- was unprecedented in human history. Now, we approach the Official Millennium -- time to come together once again. You are hereby invited to join in the historic occasion of focusing your intent for one hour at Midnight on 1/1/2001 on inner peace and world peace — in meditation, prayer, song, drumbeat, dance, or whichever way you best connect with Spirit.

For those of you who would like a history of the calendar and a refresher on how our calendar has evolved — and why decade, century, and millennium designations begin with a one, please see:


which is Chapter 7 of LightShift 2000: Let’s Turn on the Light of the World

Global Meditition — What works and what doesn’t?

I have read through many of the doctoral studies compiled I by Dr. David Orme-Johnson, Ph.D of the Maharishi International University. These 500 studies from 200 Universities in 33 countries scientifically validate both the beneficial effects of meditation, and how mass meditation improves the quality of life for everyone. I have also spoken with many other experts in the consciousness field, including Dr. Roger Nelson of Princeton University. His measured receptor studies have proven that mass meditation increases resonance in the unified field. (You can see his measurements of 1/1/2000 in the Vital Information Section on the LightShift website). For many years, I have also witnessed the empowering relationship between mass meditation, focused intent, and tangible positive results.

The bottom line is that when enough people gather, it works! However, the consensus of the experts is quite different than much of the conventional thinking. Simply put, mass meditation seems to "work" only when a "critical mass" is reached, or very large numbers of people participate. There is another piece of conventional thinking which the experts feel is erroneous. To try to "control" the intent with thoughts to a specific locale, incident, or issue does not work. However, to simply generate light from the love in our hearts in synchronized attunement works miracles -- in mysterious ways .

What does Work

What does work is gathering large amounts of people in quantum numbers in mass synchronized meditation to create resonance in the unified field of consciousness. In turn, increased resonance in consciousness diffuses the root causes of "social stress." You may notice the synchrony in recent current events between various negative activities, difficulties, or problems flaring up at the same or similar time. For example, the violence in the Middle East, the terrorism in the Cole incident, the cyclones in India -- with events happening in the local news or your personal life. There is a "pressure" or energy that triggers events of all different sorts and on various levels. The antidote of mass meditation diffuses or "mellows out" the root energy and cause that is the trigger mechanism for the many different forms this may take.

The following fundamental benefits have been proven:

  • Meditation focuses and improves the quality of consciousness.
  • Focused consciousness improves the quality of our lives.
  • Mass meditation increases the resonance in the unified field of collective consciousness.
  • A more harmonious unified field reduces "social stress" and positively enhances the quality of life.

Critical Mass — The Magic Number

The concept of "critical mass, was popularized by a social science study known as the Hundredth Monkey Phenomena, by author Ken Keyes Jr. -- posted in the Article Gallery on LightShift 2000 at:


There is great debate as to what the magic quanitity of human catalysts that constitutes the quantum number to reach a "critical mass," which triggers an explosion in global consciousness capable of "touching" or transforming all of humankind. There are various wavelengths on this issue. The most popular calculation is that critical mass is one-tenth of one percent of the world’s population of 6 billion -- or 6 million. We far exceeded this number on January 1, 2000, and very possibly on May 5th of 2000, when somewhere between twenty and fifty million people participated. Others feel critical mass is reached at one percent, or 60 million people. The Maharishi formula calculates this magic number very differently. However, they form their basis on an advanced form of meditation called the "superadiance technique," where the mathematical formula of the square root of the world population — 7700 — merged in concentrated meditation forms the radiant core which ignites global consciousness. Osho Rajneesh once said, "if we can create 10,000 Buddahs -- that is enough to save humanity." One thing is for certain: More is better! So we invite you and everyone you love to join this " lightshift:" For you may just be the "hundredth human" who makes the difference.

The January 1, 2000 Quantum Global Meditation — Earth doing the 29-Hour Wave

By December of last year, virtually every spiritual spokesperson, including such luminaries as Marianne Williamson, James Redfield, Neale Donald Walsch, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Deepak Chopra — even the Dalai Lama and the Pope were calling for the "prayer wave" around the planet: For one radiant hour of passionate meditation in each of the 29 time zones, beginning at Kirbati Island near New Zealand and ending in Samoa humankind merged in radiance. The LightShift miracle was both powerful and subtle: None of the anticipated terrorism, few incidents or accidents, few Y2K problems, and an end to years of the plethora of negative end-time prophecy. There was only jubilance and ebullience around the world as the "popular millennium," or beginning of the "millennial year" unfolded. LightShift 2000 devoted 5 years, thousands of hours and dollars to spreading this around the world — in prisons, hospitals, developing and third world countries, everywhere possible. You were the driving force which made this happen. Now that the Official Millennium is upon us, we have the mechanism in place to reach a true "critical mass" and begin the new millennium in the most positive light.

Pay it Forward

There is a movie out now which reverses the old paradigm of "paying back" to doing good by "paying it forward." While the film itself perhaps ges a bit lost in its own gravity, the basic principle is similar to the mechanism behind how the Millennial Year events have spread. Please take a peak at the "Pay it Forward" Flash on the LightShift site at:


Since the Millennium marks the date 1/1/1 which is a numerological 3 -- It is perfect that Pay it Forward uses 3 as the basis of the formula. So, let’s use this same model to spread the word to all those you know and love to gather for the Official Millennium Meditation on January 1, 2001 at Midnight. By this formula’s math, in just two weeks, almost 5 million people are contacted. And, we have been networking vigorously and steadily for over 5 years. If we take this a few steps further from now, 5 million becomes 15, which becomes 45, which becomes 135 million, and so on. Together we can bring a genuine "critical mass" no matter whose mathematics are used. Its up to YOU! Together, we can ignite the divinity in all of humanity, and light the inner light of the world. You are invited to come together as never before to begin the Third Millennium in Unity, Peace, and Love.

Let’s all "pay it forward" to everyone we know in the name of love.

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